• Community Events

    Rancho Alegre Mexican Restaurant

    The Columbus Spanish Language Meetup

    This meetup is hosted by Sharla.  You can order food/drink from the restaurant. There will be conversation in Spanish and the opportunity to practice/learn Spanish through worksheets/practice opportunities.  Each week people bring different...

    Extreme Matball

    Columbus Sports & Social

    The game is called Matball. You may remember playing it in gym class, but if not you’ll become quickly addicted! You will now have a chance to experience the adrenaline pumping, high-run scoring, and round-the-base-action this winter with CSS...

    Astrology Meetup Sat February 28th

    Powell Astrology

      This month we will be looking at the huge energies in March , including the 7th and final of the Uranus Pluto squares ,leading up to the March 20th eclipse [ which is International Astrology Day by the way ].

    Country Sunday Lesson and Dance

    Country Done Right - Line/Partner Dancing

    This is our big night of the week with something for everyone!  Beginners are encouraged to come to see the range of dancing that we do and learn A LOT, right from the start!  We learn line, partner and lead/follow (like two-step) dancing...

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